We are a passion-driven
independent creative agency.

Founded in 2011, we are committed to
championing work we believe in.

We take pride in our honest, straight forward and professional approach,
which extends to our capacity to manage every aspect of brand and web design.

Thomas Stinson
SEO & Marketing

Thomas Stinson

I worked for large companies like doing SEO for corporate Godaddy.com, manager of PPC/SEO at Biovea.com and owned the best SEO company in Arizona, which sold to a larger SEO company. I moved back to Wichita to be closer to family and over the past year, we have quickly became the #1 ranking SEO company in Wichita, KS.
Ankur Verma
Design & Strategy

Ankur Verma

I started designing and fell in love with it when I was a kid. Where some people see a logo, I see a past, a future and a present, I see a personality and the psychology of colors, shapes and images that make up the whole of a larger vision and I bring it all together into a piece of art that drives home that vision.
Rahul Verma
Technology & Operations

Rahul Verma

I’ve designed, developed, and deployed customized web-based solutions for mom-n-pop shops all the way up to multi-million dollar corporations. Working with my brother, Ankur, since we were kids, we have witnessed many businesses become successful through our web development projects.

Our Ethos is simple

We care about what we do and help our clients achieve what they desire.

We firmly believe that our growth is an outcome of the successes of our clients. Their achievements translate into our rewards; rewards like repeat business and numerous referrals. Some of our biggest business collaborations have been formulated with a client-turned-partner. Our client centered approach enables us to achieve all this while being accessible, transparent and honest about everything we do.

We love what we do

Everybody says it but really, we have a lot of fun.

Most of us were once lousy employees working for someone else. It just didn’t work out. Why? Because, we couldn’t fit into a hierarchical environment. We believe hierarchy discourages collaboration. At Incedia, we foster a culture of equality. Imagine not having a boss. It’s so much fun! We work together and are answerable to the agency as a whole.

There’s more to it. We love creating awesome stuff. Our idea of a holiday is a working day without anything interfering with the tasks we really need to get done. For some projects, we may ask to be paid in movie tickets, drinks or whatever else we love. There are just some things that are better than money, right?

Our Team

The talent behind the reputation

We are a team of like-minded strategists, designers and developers who are extremely passionate about effective and usable designs. We are inspired by our personal experiences and interests which reflect in our simple yet powerful offerings.

Our team is both close-knit and ultra-professional. Having several years of combined experience working for various brands and product portfolios, we realize how important it is for a business to differentiate and stand out through better brand communication and sales-driven designs. We strive to make things better and are willing to take action on it.


Our clients love us

Incedia are a branding rockstar! We gave them our vision and they appropriately brought it to life. I would strongly recommend them for any professional design project. Their feedback to our questions, and professional character made them a personable asset to us.
James Anderson
eAssist, Inc.

Incedia is an exceptionally professional design agency. Their communication is clear, concise and consistent, exactly what every business needs. They created an amazingly beautiful brochure for my company. All we did was to give them a few words to put on the brochure and what they came up with was the most effective marketing tool we have ever had.
Mark Walker
Founder & CEO
Xavy Live

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